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Realizing a More Fulfilling Life

If we want to have an easy life, with an opportunity to pursue our passions with all the power we desire, we can choose to align ourselves with the unconditional love of our true heart. In this quality of energy we contribute to the enhancement of all conscious beings. Quantum physics has shown that there is a universal consciousness, which we all participate in. Even though our human experience comes from a different perspective, within the limits of our beliefs about reality, we can begin to realize that we all arise and live within the same consciousness.

Whatever perspective we desire to have is ours to choose. None is better than another, they just result in different experiences, which resonate with our perspective. Any perspective is a limitation, because it has a defined band of polarity and frequency that fills its state of being. Energies beyond this range are not perceived, but are still present. Only by being mentally and emotionally clear can we have a clear, expansive perspective, while we follow the guidance of our inner knowing, which is always positive and feels correct.

As our energetic environment becomes more positive and emotionally warmer, we can feel drawn into personal expansion of our awareness, resulting in greater wisdom and compassion. Our intuitive abilities are increasing as well. If we pay attention to these things, we can enhance the natural process of our spiritual evolution by intentionally aligning ourselves with the most positive and life-enhancing visions and feelings that we can create in any moment, sometimes by intentionally seeing the light in another person or situation and reinterpreting our encounters.

We love to have fun with one another, and we enjoy heart-felt relationships. Having these experiences begins within ourselves. It is how we feel about ourselves. In every respect, this is a choice on our part. If we have deep-seated emotional scars and knots, we can become aware of them by intending to, and recognizing their energy when they arise. We can realize that we have attachments to these experiences, but they are just experiences that contribute to our wisdom and compassion from having a victim consciousness and experiencing fear. We can resolve our attachments and choose a positive focus of attention, while being aware of negative energies that arise in our awareness.

By focusing on our inner state of being, we can realize our conscious life stream of positive energies, which we can align ourselves with. Staying with these energies ultimately leads to personal transcendence beyond the limitations of ego-consciousness, and to realization of our eternal presence of awareness.

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