Reading Our Vibratory Levels

What do you feel right now? Step outside of your conscious perception or imagine observing yourself and your feeling in this moment. This is taking a self-awareness moment in order to be aware of the vibrations of your energy signature. These are the vibrations that you’re putting into creation this moment. Every moment has its own set of vibrations.

We are moving toward recognizing our multi-dimensional being. We can be intuitively and emotionally in a higher spectrum of energy and also be fully aware of our physical presence in the spectrum of humanity’s energy signature. If we are not aware of the higher guidance from our intuition, our mind runs our lives without knowing what’s really happening, and our emotions normally do not extend very far toward high vibrations.

If we want to raise our vibratory frequency in order to be more expanded and able to love more deeply, we can go into deep feelings of compassion, love, gratitude and joy, in alignment with deep intuitive understanding of everything that’s happening. This is aligning with the high-frequency energy of our heart center that comes with powerful intuition. This is our life force, constantly streaming out of universal consciousness. It expresses itself as individualized being constantly arising from the quantum field of all potentialities. This is our self-awareness of our personal presence. It is eternal in its essence, sovereign and free in every way, and unlimited in conscious awareness. By aligning with the energy of unconditional love, we recognize in our essence our connectedness to all beings and everything. This recognition occurs on emotional and intuitive levels. It is deeper than the mind can go. This is the source energy for our personality and unlimited consciousness, which is subject to self-imposed limitations and beliefs. We have imposed these limitations on ourselves in order to give ourselves challenges to awaken to our higher being, whom many of us have not recognized for a long time.

By taking a reading of our emotional and intuitive status in any given moment, we can immediately know what we’re really doing with our energy and make adjustments if necessary. Essentially we just want to live in high vibrations. We know what they are, and we’re discovering even higher ones as we expand our awareness. This quest is life-altering, magical and sometimes on the edge of believability.

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