Reaching for Fulfillment

As we expand our awareness, we become brighter and more ethericaly radiant. We can imagine being in the presence of luminous Beings, interacting with them and aligning with their vibrations. It can be an experience of great beauty, pleasant fragrances and music and wonderful, clear brightness and love. We can meditate on the Sun and align with its luminosity. Imagine a Being so incredibly radiant that it warms our planet at great distance. Eventually we all become brilliant, while we are returning to the consciousness of the Creator.

We are beings of light. Each of us is surrounded by an etheric aura of photons of many colors. As we grow in awareness and love, we emit more photons, making us more radiant. As we become clear and attuned to our intuitive knowing, our aura begins to become visible. We are becoming our true Selves, and we are able to live by higher guidance through our intuition, without any personal drama. We still have our roles to play, but we can transform any low-frequency encounters with our energetic presence. We can maintain a perspective of compassion and understanding.

Once we know that we are sovereign Beings, we know that we cannot be threatened, because we are also eternal in our Self-aware consciousness. In this state of Being, we need nothing from anyone, because we know that we always live in abundance. Our thoughts, feelings, speech, and actions are for the benefit of everyone in our awareness, including all of nature, our planet and beyond.

We know what energies are life-enhancing, and these are the ones we can choose to focus upon. This does not allow negative, life-diminishing energies into our presence and awareness, unless they are presented to us for transformation through our compassionate wisdom and higher guidance.

It is no different for anyone, except for our state of being in every moment. It is our polarity and level of vibrations in our thoughts and emotions that attract and repel people and experiences. These also cause scenarios to develop. We can choose to guide and create energy patterns that express goodness and fulfillment in each moment.

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