Raising Humanity’s Energy Signature

Before we came into this incarnation, we consulted with our guides and angels in planning our current life experiences. We wanted as much pleasure and goodness as possible while restricting our awareness to this dense physical experience. We also wanted to enlarge our experience in ways that are not possible for self-realized eternal Beings. We had to create an imaginary world with definite boundaries to our conscious awareness. We endured much pain and suffering in a constant state of some level of fear. None of this would be possible for us in our true Being. But we’ve forgotten who we are. We also planned how to break out of these self-imposed limitations in our consciousness.

Some of us just snap out of our empirical trance and into a higher dimension of awareness, if that is what we had planned. Most of us need to develop a deep desire to awaken. This is possible by beginning to interact with those who are already awake and by aligning with the energies of our living Earth Mother, Gaia. Her energy patterns are rising in frequency, compelling us to align with her, if we want to continue to live here on a more refined and beautiful planet.

In the presence of all who radiate the presence of joy and love, we feel very good. The photons that are emitted through the aura of our conscious presence have their own conscious awareness, and they align with the entire spectrum of our energy. We feel each other’s presence emotionally. When we’re focused in a state of joy, compassion and peacefulness, we feel good, and those vibrations radiate out from us as quanta of light, carrying our vibration. A high-frequency state of Being carries us into expanded awareness of who we are.

We can realize, or even just suspect, that we’ve been in a trance and are now ready to have better experiences. The creative quantum field responds to our level of vibration in providing experiences for us. To improve our lives, we need to raise the frequency of our energy signature by intentionally leaving the realm of fear and choosing to be heart-centered and thankful in every moment. We can be open to the guidance of our intuition through inner promptings and knowing in every moment. When we become confident in our eternal Being, we naturally attract everything that we need and become essentially invisible to low-vibration experiences. In this way humanity is awakening. The rising frequencies of our environment are elevating everyone who desires to know our expanded essence.

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