Quantum Spirituality

The birth of quantum physics brought science and spirituality into alignment. It was the realization by physicists that photons have consciousness, and not just limited consciousness, but awareness of the entire cosmos. This is easy to prove by a simple experiment. A photon is a sub-atomic quantum of light that has no mass, but has momentum and vibratory frequency.

Physicists projected a beam of light toward an opaque wall with two slits in it. The light passed through the two slits onto a photographic plate. The plate showed interference between the two streams of photons after they passed through the slits. When one of the slits was covered, the stream of photons showed no interference. This showed that photons act as energetic waves with frequency patterns. When a single photon was projected onto the wall with two slits, it showed an interference pattern, indicating that this indivisible photon was able to find all available pathways through the wall and be in two places at the same time, while landing on the photographic place in a single flash of light. The photon knew when one slit was open and when two slits were open. When passing through one part of the experiment, it knew what was happening in the entire experiment. It did this only when it was unobserved in the process of traveling, displaying the interference pattern of a wave. When a detection instrument was set up to observe the photon, the photon immediately appeared as a particle and passed through only one of the slits. It knew when it was being observed. The photon demonstrated that it was aware of the entire experiment and knew when to adjust its persona between being an observable particle of light or an unobserved wave that can only be known by the trail that it leaves behind.

This experiment works just as well with electrons, protons and countless other sub-atomic particles or waves. This suggests that every sub-atomic entity knows the quantum state of the entire universe. The quantum world is entirely sentient. Each of its parts is aware of the whole.

The entire cosmos is conscious, and we interact with it in myriad ways that alter the appearance and experience in our own consciousness.

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