Quantum Mechanics and Spirituality

Our minds operate with electrical charges, frequencies, amplitudes and polarity. Our emotions operate with magnetic polarity and wave patterns as well. They both intersect at 90-degree angles of each other, and they flow together always, forming a single wave pattern. We have the ability to recognize electrical wave patterns as thoughts and to feel magnetic polarity and vibration. We can also change the wave patterns by refocusing our attention. We can vibrate at a different level than the energy patterns around and in front of us. Through our attention, we have the ability to modulate the wave patterns that we become aware of with our thoughts and feelings.

By being compassionate and wise, we can encounter any situation from a positive, high-vibratory perspective of kindness, compassion and love. We can relate to the light in everyone and everything. In the energy of our heart, we all share in the consciousness of the Creator. We play different roles, which we have chosen for ourselves in order to have certain kinds of experiences. When we encounter one another, we always have the choice of a perspective with a polarity and frequency.

Because of the polarity of our thoughts and feelings, we attract and repel energy patterns that are of opposite polarity. Positive polarities are in alignment with each other, as are negative polarities with each other. We attract energy patterns and experiences that resonate with our own energy signatures and states of being. We attract experiences that resonate with us.

On the path to inner knowing, we can resolve all of our personal drama, as we proceed in compassionate wisdom. We can arrive at a place of present awareness, without thoughts or feelings, just being and knowing. We can train our attention to be present and aware. From this state, we can create the quality of life that we truly desire. We can feel and know the polarity and frequency of the wave patterns that we create.

As we develop sensitivity to our intuitive knowing, we gain awareness of higher guidance in every aspect of life, while having free will in every moment. This moves us into expanded awareness and more fulfilling thoughts and emotions. As we increase our sensitivity to subtle vibrations, we begin to enter the consciousness of all beings and everything. It is the consciousness of the Creator, imbued with unconditional love and brightness.

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