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Quantum Conscious Being

How can we be our higher Self? What keeps us from being able to live in constant awareness of unconditional love or even to realize what it is? Our limitation is our complete focus on the vibrations we have been programed to live in as humans. We have strong belief in the reality of the material world and the low-vibrational energy experienced in it. We believe we are mortal.

If we think about ourselves logically, in terms of quantum physics, it’s impossible for us to be mortal, but we have to know who we are in our essence, beyond our ego consciousness, because the ego is mortal. We have designed it that way to make our experiences in this dimension as real as possible. Quantum physics has proved that consciousness is the basis of everything. There is nothing that is not part of universal consciousness, which is timeless and without space. It just is present cosmic creative self-awareness. It is continuously creative through us. We are fractals of cosmic creative Self-awareness. Humans have called this awareness God, the Creator of all. It is the awareness within us, our self-awareness. It is just present eternal self-awareness, and it can manifest anything we want to be or do, such as be a human being or a star or a galaxy.

We are the resonators of unlimited energy patterns. We can be creators of worlds and universes. Our consciousness works with vibrational frequencies of energy patterns. Our conscious state of being expresses itself as our personal energy signature. The frequency of our energy signature varies with our thoughts and emotions. A belief in our mortality is a false, low-frequency belief and keeps us from realizing our true Being. Belief in personal aging and mortality must be recognized as false by knowing our own self-awareness and the vibratory frequency of our thoughts and feelings. All of this knowing has no material representation. It is part of our self-conscious Being. And there is much more to expand into as we raise our vibrations.

We begin to awaken to our true Self by recognizing our knowing that we are alive and self-aware. This is our Being that expresses part of itself as human. We can consciously separate our awareness from our body. We do it in daydreams. Once we can make this change of focus intentionally, we can be confident in our eternal Being. We have expanded our self-awareness beyond our material manifestation. We are learning to work with energetics. As we learn to feel the promptings of joy and love from our eternal heart energy, we’re able to live in those high-vibration feelings. We can intentionally come into resonance with our true Being, our higher Self.

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