Practicing Conscious Expansion

How much do we trust ourselves to be completely present in awareness? Only in this state of being can we sense our intuitive guidance in each moment. We can practice this. Ultimately it requires that we resolve all interference in our attention. We become mentally and emotionally neutral. We become open to what we intuitively know by the energy flowing through our Being.

Every vibrational pattern that we can be aware of stimulates the emotion that resonates with it. We live in an ocean of conscious plasma teeming with energetic patterns. We have the freedom to focus on any of them. Some of us can visualize images and forms, some hear music, and all feel the vibrations of everything we focus on. By expressing higher frequencies emotionally and imaginatively, we raise the vibrations of our personal energy signatures and attract higher-vibrational experiences.

If we encounter low-frequency energy patterns that feel uncomfortable and fearful, we can be aware with compassion and see the light within the situation, guiding it into resolution. We can be sovereign and free in every moment, always knowing everything we need to know for the enhancement of our present awareness.

Eventually we align ourselves so well in resonance with our intuitive knowing and the resonance of the Earth, that we are in the entire flow of the conscious life force vibratory spectrum. We are connected in our essence with everyone and everything everywhere. Here is universal consciousness, unconditional love and eternal vitality. We can encompass all energy patterns in all dimensions in our higher-dimensional awareness. With this awareness we have the ability to modulate the energies that we focus on into high-vibrational situations. We radiate this energy through our energy signatures into the quantum field, where it attracts resonant energy patterns for us to experience.

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