Powers of Our Consciousness

What kind of power does each of us have? And where does it come from? Quantum physics has shown that there is a universal field of consciousness that everything arises out of. It provides the essence of self-awareness to every conscious being, which is every individual person and thing. Nothing could exist without a conscious recognition of its energy signature. This recognition could be experiential or imaginary. Either way, the energy pattern that is recognized will appear in its creator’s experience. This is one of our powers, to modulate the wave patterns around us into creative energy scenarios with our thoughts and emotions. These we then radiate into the quantum field of all potentialities for manifestation. We do this consciously and sub-consciously all the time. We are designed to do this, to provide freely chosen experiences to the universal consciousness, to which we are experientially connected.

Another power that we have is the ability to expand the amplitude of the wave patterns of our creations, increasing the intensity of their energy exponentially. We do this with our emotions. We have voluntary control over the vibratory frequency of our emotions, and can intensify them at will. We can become accomplished actors in our imagination, until our creations become real for us.

We have the power to elevate the quality of our lives greatly through our imaginary awareness. By examining our own consciousness, we can find the emotional blocks and belief patterns that constrain our awareness, and we can resolve them. We can recognize the quality of our predominant thoughts and feelings, and how they have created the quality of our current situation. This happens because our energy signature attracts energy patterns that are in resonance with it.

By living, experientially and imaginatively, with high-frequency loving and joyous thoughts and feelings, we increase the vibratory frequency of our energy signatures. We may envision the world that we want to live in, as wonderful as we can imagine. We may feel ourselves joyously and thankfully living in this new world. By empowering these visions with our passionate feelings, we greatly intensify the resulting experience.

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