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Achieving Infinite Being

In order to expand our awareness into higher realms, we first need to accept ourselves as we believe that we are. Unless we have achieved awareness of the Being of light that is our higher Self, we live within boundaries that we have imposed upon ourselves. These are anomalous to our awareness and keep us within the bounds of our ego consciousness. If we are motivated to penetrate our ego consciousness by observing it and recognizing when any kind of fear arises, we learn what we have become. If we are willing to understand from the perspective of deepest love and compassion, we can accept who we have become because of the limitations of awareness that do not permit us to know or even wonder about who we are beyond the empirical vibrational spectrum. This is the realm of the ego consciousness, and its hold on our attention is strong, because it is shared by all of us.

To awaken through the veil that keeps us focused on the physical world, happens naturally when we become primarily heart-energy focused. When we begin to know unconditional love and deep compassion, we can understand how we became our ego, whom we can love, whom we can ask to allow us to move beyond its current spectrum of awareness by resolving all of our self-imposed limitations. Our ego has done the best it could in protecting itself and avoiding too much fear; however, it does not have higher awareness and knowing. This comes through our intuition, where we know everything that we know. We can expand this knowing through our intention.

As we begin to become consciously multi-dimensional, our awareness opens up exponentially, and our lives improve dramatically. We begin to understand life from the perspective of eternity and infinity in our conscious awareness. We recognize the conscious presence of all other beings, including humans, and we are aware of their feelings.

We all exist in a field of electro-magnetic wave patterns and centers of consciousness expressed by conscious beings, each with its own unique energy signature. Our energy signatures rise in frequency primarily when empowered by higher-frequency emotions of love, joy, compassion, gratitude and similarly-vibrating feelings. We are empowered with the ability to call forth emotions at will and change our energy signature, magnetically attracting similarly-vibrating experiences for us. If we can stay in the energy of our heart’s naturally high-frequency vibrations, our lives become magical, because we have achieved infinite Being in our conscious awareness.

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