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Planetary Transforming Energies

On many days the Earth is being blasted with massive numbers of gamma-ray photons. These are high-frequency particle/waves of light, contributing to the rising resonant frequency of our planetary Being. The Earth Spirit, Gaia, is consciously living in a higher spectrum of energy and is resonating in four higher octaves than the historical resonance of 7.83 cycles per second. This means that we can expand our consciousness in steps, aligning with the resonant patterns of Gaia. Her traditional resonance is losing amplitude, getting weaker. The higher frequency patterns are gaining amplitude, getting more intense and easier to align with. As the lower frequencies lose our recognition, they disappear into formless energy patterns. This can happen in an individual’s experience as well as in a society.

It’s becoming more difficult to live in the lower vibrations. If those who continue to live in fear cannot recognize the timeless nature of our consciousness, they will disappear from our awareness, as we continue to raise our vibrations in alignment with Gaia. We are moving into a quantum state of being without time.

We can control all aspects of our being with our will power, and we can resolve all inner conflicts with deeply-held beliefs that no longer align with our vibrations. We have freedom of choice in what we focus upon and recognize as real. We are energy modulators. All of our thoughts, feelings, words and actions create vibratory patterns in the quantum field, and they are registered in the akashic records. Our electromagnetic radiance changes the energy we encounter into resonance with our own vibrations, or we can choose to align with it; otherwise, we repel it out of our awareness and experience.

Our entire world of experience is made up of energy patterns that materialize for us, because we recognize them. Without our recognition, they are just unmanifested energy patterns. Either through our physical experience or our imaginary visions and emotions, we are creating the qualities of our lives in each moment. Our experience depends upon the vibratory spectrum of our perspective. If we can stay in the spectrum of compassion, gratitude and love, we attract compatible energy patterns, resulting in experiences of joy, abundance, beauty, serenity, fun and deepest love. This is the dimension of energies that Gaia in moving into and already occupying. The Earth is being regenerated, and so can we, by aligning with the radiant energy of Gaia, which we feel in nature and know in our intuition.

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