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Personal Resonance

On the path to awakening to our true being, we may experience significant inner dissonance. We have accustomed vibrations that are out of sync with our inner knowing and heart-felt emotions. We can transform our lives by bringing our lower-vibrational emotions into resonance with the energy of our heart, our deepest love and greatest joy.

All of our fears can now be faced, accepted, forgiven (they were the best our ego could do), and released with a refocus to joy in being. Our new perspective of being in joy, regardless of what else we may be facing, magnetically attracts energy patterns with compatible frequencies. These will be high-frequency experiences of joy and love.

The challenge of scrutinizing our beliefs about ourselves can result in our true freedom. Most humans believe that we are victims and slaves who are forced to obey someone, are mortal, vulnerable to many threats and other fear-based beliefs about ourselves. These are all low-vibration energy patterns. They can be brought into resonance with higher-vibration heart-felt energies by resolving our fears from the understanding of eternal, sovereign, unconditionally-loving Being. This is our natural self-realization in the quantum field, our true energy signature. This is the process of recognizing our true Self and realizing who we actually are, apart from humanity’s beliefs about our identity. In our true Being, we cannot be threatened. We are sovereign and free to be completely Self-motivated in an energy field of unlimited diversity.

Part of our consciousness has closed itself from Self-knowing. We are now being motivated to take down our boundaries. We’ve set these up so that we could explore the dark side, if we want and find out how that feels. We’ve been free to explore the entire realm of low-vibration variations of fear. if we knew who we are, we could not do that, so we had to fake it by compartmentalizing our consciousness. Now the exercise of living in this dimension can be completed by resolving our misunderstanding of who we are.

The most well-known example of demonstrating our true Being without false beliefs about himself, is Jesus of Nazareth, who told us that he is one of us, not one different from us. He was able to transform energy patterns through gratitude, belief and inner vision. “I and the Father are One,” He also said. The Father expresses Himself as the quantum field, as does the Mother. Our personal conscious Self expresses Itself as an energy signature in the quantum field. We are also One.

There is only One consciousness. It is universal within everything that exists. Everything arises out of the quantum field of all potentialities and receives conscious life force with unconditional love. Everything that exists has consciousness of its form and energy signature. We are the ones who can change our energy signature intentionally and jump to a higher spectrum of frequency and being. We can examine and update our beliefs about ourselves. We can not only resolve and transform our beliefs, but also free ourselves from any conscious limitations, which we have imposed upon ourselves, in order to share the human life experience. Now we can move to a higher dimension of vibrations by raising our focus to high-vibration visions and emotions and intentionally staying in that frequency spectrum. This will bring our energy signatures into resonance with our true Being.

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