Personal Quantum Energetics

On the path to a higher vibration of living, we occasionally need to pause and just Self-realize. We can release all of our worldly concerns and focus entirely within our Being. We can use our imagination to create the best scenarios we want to experience and the most intense feelings of gratitude and joy. Even if we do this only momentarily whenever we can bring ourselves to do it, we find ourselves doing it easier and better more and more. We can imagine ourselves beyond our current boundaries and in this way transform them into more expansive vibrations of higher frequencies in resonance with the energy of our heart. We are creating a new reality of joy and wonder. This is the energy that humanity is moving into and is being assisted by the increasingly more intense incoming gamma ray very-high-frequency photons that are greatly increasing the resonating frequency of the Earth.

Fighting in support or against low-frequency energies is pointless. We cannot involve ourselves in low-frequency patterns of energy and also stay in a high-frequency spectrum of vibrations. Some of us may choose to do so initially in an attempt to raise the resonant vibrations of the destructive energies or terminate them. The preferred way of raising the resonant frequency of any situation is to confront it as our higher Self, the divine One. By being present in high-frequency emotional energy, we transform the lower-frequency patterns. They either align with the higher frequencies, or they become unstable and dissolve. We can achieve a state of equilibrium within by resolving all dissonant energies that arise and by modulating them into alignment with higher consciousness or dissolving them. We are seeing this begin to happen in society. This is how energetics work in the quantum field and then manifest empirically.

The most important intention for us now is to Self-realize—to know and feel who we are beyond our bodies, and to become aware of the quality of the highest vibrations in our energy signature, what it feels like to be our higher Self. We realize that we are eternal beings, expressing ourselves as our personal energy signature, a portion of which is manifesting as our physical presence living in the spectrum of humanity’s energy signature. We realize our sovereignty. We cannot be threatened. We are eternal, absolute Beings, who are complete in ourselves in every way. We can create anything that we feel we need or want, always for the good of all participants. In universal consciousness, that means all conscious beings. We are unlimited in the empirical world, because we know how energetics work. It’s what we all know intuitively. By aligning ourselves with our high-frequency emotions and imaginings, we attract energy patterns that resonate with us. As we keep raising the frequency of our energy signatures, we live more high-frequency joyful and loving lives.

Life is not a sequence of random events. We attract every event in our lives by the vibrations of our constantly-changing energy signature. As more of us vibrate at higher frequencies, it significantly raises the vibrational level of humanity’s energy signature and stimulates awakening.

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