Personal Fulfillment

We all want a better life. Each of us may imagine it differently, but we all want our physical needs taken care of. We want to share our lives with the ones we love the most and want to be present with. We want health and well-being and ultimately everlasting life. Above all we want to preserve and protect our consciousness. We want to enjoy life forever in greatest love and joy. If we were designed to have these experiences, let’s get with it! Every human can be completely fulfilled forever.

Achieving fulfillment depends upon our state of being in our own consciousness. We express ourselves as quantum energetic configurations represented by our predominant thoughts, feelings, beliefs and perspectives. Our energetic signature radiates our vibrations into the quantum field and exchanges wave patterns with other conscious entities. We attract energy patterns that resonate with our own.

If we want to elevate the quality of our lives, we need to elevate the frequency of our energy signature. Our energy generator is our emotional body, which identifies all of the energies around us and also expresses the energy that we radiate. It is our creative power source, and it issues from our heart. Through compassionate wisdom we must clear it of all of its scars and traumas accumulated in our lower vibrational experiences. We’ve learned many lessons and don’t need to repeat them.

Now we can adjust our perspective on life. Our quest takes us into higher and higher vibrations of feelings and visions, seeking to expand our awareness into greater joy and love. This is the spectrum of high-frequency vibrations that leads to our fulfillment in every way. It is the dimension of knowing our true Being beyond our embodiment in time and space. We have a multi-dimensional presence and can be aware of the realm of beauty, joy, gratitude and bliss, while also being present in our current world, but with a transformed perspective.

This process is open to all of us, and we’ll all be drawn this way eventually. Ultimately each of us travels this path within our own being. We become aware of our ability to transform low-frequency energy patterns that come into our attention, if we can maintain a high-frequency perspective. Our visions and emotions can align with a beautiful energy spectrum of brilliant feelings and experiences. We become attractive to resonant high-frequency wave patterns of joy and abundance, because we are flowing in alignment with the energy of the Creator, expressing itself in the quantum field as the life-giving consciousness of unconditional love. This is the essence of our Being. When we know and experience this level of frequencies, everything we command and love comes to us.

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