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Personal Expansion

Each of us has a unique presence of Being that is unlimited in every way. We are constantly created out of the quantum field of conscious plasma energy filled with the life force of universal consciousness and unconditional love. We are eternal manifestations arising out of the consciousness of our Creator. Because this is our reality, we can know all of this intuitively, and ultimately we open ourselves to being able to recognize our Being and realize who we really are, apart from our physical life on this planet.

We can come to this realization through inner silence and intending to be aware of the radiance of our heart energy in complete acceptance. In a meditative state we can focus on knowing intuitively while urging our emotions into higher and higher vibrations until we are filled with joy and love. The more we can be in this spectrum of energy, the closer we come to Self-realization.

Anyone can do this now. It is not important what our status in life is, or how we believe ourselves to be. We can ask within ourselves for whatever help we need and have it immediately, if we open our awareness to the energies of our guides and angels in a higher dimension of frequency. We have been held back from realizing our true Being by limitations that we designed so that we can be able to experience fully the tragic-comedy Earth life. We can now acknowledge those limitations and thank them for their service for the deepening of our consciousness. We can forgive ourselves for believing that we were mortal and could be intimidated by threats, disease, enslavement and torture. That level of vibration is so far out of resonance with our true Being, that it must be transformed or dissolved. By withdrawing our awareness and life force from it, we dissolve it from our experience. We could also transform low-frequency vibrations by modulating them into resonance with our intention, elevated emotions and imagination.

If we intend to come to Self-realization, we must be consciously open to the higher guidance that we all have always. We can recognize it intuitively by how it feels. We are guided in whatever direction we choose to go and however we want to do it. Our journey depends primarily on how deeply we align ourselves with the high-frequency energy of our heart and ultimately open ourselves to universal consciousness.

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