Personal and Collective Opportunity

From quantum physics experiments, we know that sub-atomic particles can be in more than one place at the same time. This is possible in the quantum field, but not if human consciousness or its technological extension is observing. We have programmed ourselves to interpret a limited spectrum of energy in the quantum field as empirical reality. Since sub-atomic entities can manifest either as patterns of electromagnetic waves or as particles, everything that they comprise has the same ability. The whole cannot be less than its parts.

Are we actually a part of empirical reality, or are we just observers of this entire spectrum of vibrations without limitations? We may just be playing parts in a drama that we’re involved in emotionally and mentally. It seems like the entirety of our reality. We have been masterful in limiting our conscious spectrum of vibrations in order for us to have experiences that we could never have, if we actually knew who we are beyond the empirical spectrum. But now it is time to end the historical spectrum of resonance and depart from the drama of the world we have known.

The Shumann resonance of the Earth is rising to a higher spectrum of vibrations. This requires a leap in awareness on the part of humanity in order to remain conscious on this planet. We are intentionally becoming aware of a higher spectrum of emotions. These are all emotions without fear. They all inherently feel attractive to us, and they all vibrate with the frequencies of gratitude, love and joy.

If we can elevate the frequencies of our energy signatures to vibrate in resonance with gratitude, love and joy, we can actually live in this spectrum, as it elevates our experiences magically. This is possible because everything about us arises and demises in cycles from the quantum field continuously. We modulate all of the energies in our awareness. That’s the reason that energy waves in a certain spectrum change to particles in our perception when we recognize them as such. By our very nature, we change the energy that we recognize all the time. Our predominant vibrations of thought and emotion are constantly creating for us new experiences of the same quality as the awareness of the creator. By intentionally imagining high-vibration scenarios and feeling ourselves living in them, the quantum field manifests the changed energy spectrum. In this way we create our new lives.

Once we know our true identity, we have a much more complete perspective on life. We have the conscious choice of living a beautiful and fulfilling life and being able to share this energy with everyone we encounter.

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