Penetrating the Matrix

We live in a unified field of energy patterns vibrating and spinning in alignment with universal consciousness. Our presence of being expresses itself as our personal energy signature in the field of all potentialities. This is also described as the vacuum fluctuation, where everything that we’re aware of is produced by the spin of the energy patterns that we observe and interpret in our conscious awareness as material. Everything is a fractal of the consciousness of the Creator, right down to the sub-Planck particles and beyond, probably to infinitismality. It is the same in the other direction to infinity. We live within a very limited spectrum of energy patterns that we recognize as the empirical world. This is where the thoughts and emotions of humanity are focused. It is the backdrop to our conscious awareness and provides the limits that we operate within.

We have agreed to live within the human spectrum of energy and have accepted self-imposed limits to our awareness in order to make our experiences real for ourselves. We’ve gone so far as to accept the imposition of poverty, enslavement and mortality as qualities of our essential being. This is the Matrix that we live within in a hypnotic trance-like consciousness.

Quantum physicists have penetrated this spectrum of energy with experiments and mathematical formulae to find out what exactly it consists of. They have observed the consciousness of sub-atomic particles and many of the constituents of the cosmos. They have calculated the forces that hold the nuclei of atoms together and that keep our feet on the Earth. They have calculated the mass of everything from the smallest, faintest particles to the largest galaxies and have accurately solved the unified field theory. They have shown that universal consciousness is the basis of everything, and that we are participants in this unlimited consciousness.

The issue remaining for us is to realize our own unlimited personal consciousness within and beyond the Matrix. How we can do this is the continuing subject of these writings.

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