Penetrating the Heart of Our Being

Our physical heart has its own neurological system and is the most powerful organ in our body. It has 60 times the electrical power of our brain and 5,000 times more electromagnetic influence than our brain’s will power. Its magnetic field has a toroidal shape that extends out several feet from our physical body. It can operate in coherence with our brain and is the conduit of our intuition and creativity. Ethericaly our heart is the central source of conscious life force that flows from the universal consciousness of the Creator.

By focusing on our breathing, taking deep, rhythmic inhalations and exhalations, and being attentive to the rhythm of our heart, we can calm our mind and emotions and attune to our intuitive knowing. We can learn to clear ourselves of thoughts and matters of ego consciousness and just be present in awareness of the energy of our heart. It’s helpful to be in a peaceful area of nature without human influence or in a quiet room, perhaps with soothing music.

We can focus on a point of light within the consciousness of our heart. This is the manifestation of our conscious life stream and the unconditional love of our Creator consciousness. It emits photons, tiny quanta of light, that create our radiant aura. It is our connection to the unified quantum field of all potentialities. It is our access to all the energy patterns that we can encounter, and it is where we modulate the patterns of electromagnetic waves that we choose to recognize and feel in the quantum field. This is our point of magnetic attraction to all of the energy that resonates in alignment with our personal energetic signature. It is how we create the quality of our experiences.

By choosing to have a positive polarity with high-vibrational thoughts and feelings, we create experiences that best align with the energy of our heart. It is the energy of great vitality, joy and the feeling of connection with the essence of all conscious beings. It is how we can become en-light-ened in realization of our true Being and is the source of our power to change the world.

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