Penetrating the Depth of Our Consciousness

In our human experience we believe that we are separate beings with our separate consciousness. We have been taught this intuitively and verbally since infancy, and as a result we perceive that it is so. The empirical world is a realm of separate individuals existing in a spectrum of vibrations based on fear of termination of our being. It appears that materiality is the basis of everything, and that we are functions of our mortal bodies. But is this really true? And how can we know?

Quantum physics has shown that consciousness is the cause of all that exists. Countless experiments have proved this to be true. Everything from the minutest sub-atomic particles to everything that they constitute is conscious. There is only One consciousness. It is universal, existing everywhere in timelessness and expressing itself in a plasma field of limitless patterns of electromagnetic energy.

Our essential Being is constantly arising out of universal consciousness and expressing itself as our personal eternal presence of consciousness. We have the ability to materialize the energy patterns that we recognize, and we can attract energy patterns that vibrate in resonance with our own energy signature. What we believe that we recognize appears to us as material manifestation.

In recognizing ourselves, we are limited by our beliefs about who we are. Without limiting beliefs, we participate in the universal consciousness that is our essence. Because we have been taught exclusively all of our lives that we are limited beings, our beliefs are set deeply within the depths of our subconscious and require extraordinary experiences to clear them. The ultimate revelation is death of the body, but there are many lesser experiences that hint at realizing our universal consciousness. Some include near-death experiences, consciousness-expanding drugs, astral projection and soul travel, day-dreaming and night-time dreaming, and conscious regression experiences. We are complex Beings, expressing ourselves in different dimensions of existence simultaneously, with only a portion of our personal Being expressing itself in the empirical world. While we are focused in this realm, we are unaware of our larger Being. The key to realizing our true Being is transforming and resolving our limiting beliefs about ourselves.

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