Participating in Universal Consciousness

In opening ourselves to more expanded awareness, we can find many aspects of nature to help guide us in our inner journey. Our planet has an amazing variety of environments and beings that inhabit them, and all of them offer an awareness that we can align with for greater understanding of life. We can begin with Gaia herself.

Our planet has adjusted her resonant frequency to that of humanity for thousands of years and was nearly destroyed by our low vibrations. Now Gaia has begun to change dramatically, as she aligns with the higher-frequency photon cloud that we are enveloped in and the increasingly powerful gamma ray emissions from our Sun and our cosmic environment. The Shumann Resonance graph of Earth energies shows the Earth’s vibrations now occurring on four higher octaves of frequencies than has historically been known. In order to continue to live here, humanity’s resonance must also rise, or we will become energetically unstable in our life forms.

By spending time in nature and just being aware of as much as we can, we can immerse ourselves in the resonant energy patterns of everything around us. We can feel the soil, the sand, the rocks and perhaps even witness lava flows. We can listen to the sounds of the creatures around us and begin to feel the energies they radiate. We can smell everything around us and absorb the energy of the Sun, the wind and the rain. We can go deeper into our inner knowing.

On our deepest inner knowing, we can identify with everything we focus on and can align our awareness with the essence of Being of all aspects of nature. By going deep within, we can feel the radiant energy of an animal, a plant or a rock. We can know how it feels and what it is aware of, to the extent that it has those capabilities. We can know its essential Being, just as we can know our own. There is no difference in our self-consciousness of who and what we are. There are differences in our capabilities and abilities to express ourselves, but in our essential Being, we are all the same consciousness and can share awareness of everything that we are.

In our awareness, we can enter the Spirit of the Earth or any conscious entity. We can be the tree, the bird, the dog, even the amoeba. It all depends on how deep we allow ourselves to go into our consciousness awareness. In our essence we are unlimited, once we clear all of our self-imposed boundaries to our awareness, which we share with humanity.

At the heart of everything we can discover the flow of life force from the consciousness of the Creator and the unconditional love that connects every expression of consciousness.

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