Participating in the Magic of Gratitude

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

The first step into higher consciousness is gratitude. When we are grateful for our consciousness, our vitality and our very Being, we are expressing high vibrations in alignment with the love of our Creator. The more we are thankful for, the more we experience situations that stimulate gratitude in us. The vibratory level of gratitude creates energy patterns that manifest as wonderful experiences, opening our awareness to greater expressions of our Being, our Personhood.

A grateful heart is a loving heart, filled with joy and well-being. This perspective can magically lift us out of tragic and negatively-polarized situations, transforming our encounters into greater awakenings into deeper love and compassion. This is the alchemy that we are capable of. We can transform poverty and desperation, as well as subjection to tyranny, into experiences of abundance and freedom through our focused intention of gratitude in alignment with the rising resonant frequencies of the Spirit of the Earth and our enveloping cosmos.

Our entire environment is flowing into alignment with divine intention, and we have the opportunity to intensify this trend with our own consciousness. As we practice gratitude in all areas of our lives, we elevate ourselves as well as everyone around us. This is our gift to our Creator and to all of life. By being constantly thankful for everything in our awareness, we can intentionally open ourselves to greater expressions of love and beauty. In this way we are the creators of a better world of gratitude and fulfillment for all.

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