Participating in Creator Consciousness

The perfection of our Being is enhanced in every moment through our focus into Creator Consciousness. The most elevating vibrations of our Being flow to us constantly in the unlimited consciousness of the One, Self-Realized, all-conscious Creator. We participate in this consciousness as much as we allow ourselves, with no blocks outside of our own creations. Creator Consciousness encourages us to be completely open to our intuition. This is our connection with the divine, the pervading energy of positive, high-vibration life of unconditionally-loving connection with everyone and everything. Living in everything, consciousness creates the form and energy patterns of everything in every moment. Everything, from the incalculable minutest flicker of electromagnetic waves and patterns, to the vast cosmos and beyond, is created in universal consciousness, which envelopes everything in itself.

We are not alone. Universal Consciousness is the ultimate Creator, out of Whom we arise as Self-Realized, personally-aware Beings. In order to have realistic experiences, we intended to participate in human life on Earth within the limitations on consciousness that we created and maintain. We can alert ourselves to these limitations, whenever they intervene in the divine flow of conscious life force through the heart of our Being. Here we can reach resolution, increasing our vitality and level of joy.

Through positive, life-enhancing feeling and envisioning, Creator consciousness sets us free to exercise our creative desires in alignment with Its vibrations, which come to us intuitively. We have free will in every instance, and we can choose our focus constantly. We can be aware of the vibratory level that we prefer, and we can direct our attention there. As is true of every creative moment, the specifics of form are less important than the vibratory level of our own state of being.

Once we have resolved our limitations, we can be optimistic, and we can open ourselves to positive, high-vibratory experiences. We no longer need to rely on our ego-consciousness for guidance, because we can know everything we want through our intuition, which is our inner knowing. Through our intention, we can learn to be intuitively aware constantly. It is our natural state of Being.

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