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Participating in a Higher Quality of Life

The Spirit of our Earth, Gaia, has been vibrating at very low vibrations for a long time, and it nearly killed her physical body. She has done this for the sake of humanity, so that we could explore the feelings of low vibration lives, based in fear of every kind and intensity. We and Gaia are now the receptors of large transmissions of gamma-ray photons, which are creating more light spiritually and physically. We are now constantly enveloped in these waves of high-frequency energy, and are being urged to expand our consciousness and become aware of our true potential, because the lower vibrations are not aligning with Gaia and will soon lose their amplitude and disappear into unrecognizable energy patterns. They are already becoming unstable and insane. They are being recognized as never before.

Gaia is regenerating. As we continue to align ourselves with her rising resonant frequencies, we find ourselves living more fulfilling lives, because our rising frequencies attract energies of the same quality of vibration. Our perspective can become more loving and compassionate, because of our experiences in the low vibrations. We could never have known this kind of energy in any other way. We know how enchanting, addictive and destructive the low vibrations can be. We can forgive every conscious being for giving us the experience of living in the frequencies that act destructively in reducing our life force.

The spectrum of energy that humanity has lived within for eons is an electromagnetic creation held in mental and emotional focus by all of humanity. We agreed to limit ourselves to this spectrum of energy in order to have this human experience and learn to rise beyond our limitations from within them. To make this transition, we can go into the feelings stimulated by the heart of our Being. These feelings come from our true Self. They are high-vibration feelings aligned with love and compassionate understanding. If we intentionally open ourselves to become aware of them, they will come into our awareness, as well as the qualities of the situations that we are constantly creating.

Along with the emotional feelings coming from the energy of our heart is our intuition. This is how we innately know what we know. Intuitive guidance is always present. Part of it is our conscience. We have to open ourselves to become aware of it. It may come as words, symbols, pictures, energy running up and down our spine, or any way that we personally can recognize. It could be indescribable inner knowing. Once we recognize this energy, we can know what it feels like. We can align ourselves with its frequency pattern to create situations for ourselves. The resonant patterns of energy that we intuit, can feed our imagination and feelings, radiating into and manifesting out of the quantum field as personal experiences of the same quality as our state of being.

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