Out with the Old and In with the New

Humanity is in a world-wide crisis of instability in every area of life. There are dark powers that have come very close to completely enslaving us. Our survival is attainable by raising the energy signature of humanity and withdrawing our belief in the power of low-vibration, fearful energy, which needs our creative life force for its existence. All beliefs that give power to anyone or anything outside of ourselves are false. We are expressions of the One consciousness that creates everything and enlivens all conscious beings. That consciousness envelopes and sustains each of us as a self-aware personal creative presence in the quantum field of all potentialities.

Our awareness within the universal consciousness is as expansive as we are willing to go. Most of us have formed strong beliefs about the nature of reality, and these generally do not allow us to be aware of anything beyond their vibratory spectrum. This is where our danger lies, until we transform it by withdrawing our attention from disempowering beliefs and awakening to a more expanded self-awareness.

As more of us become aware of our personal eternal presence, we can begin to realize our sovereignty and the joyous power of our being. We may no longer be attracted to experiences in the lower vibrations of duality and personal separation, and they disappear from our lives. When we have no fear, we naturally express only what is true. We become aware of the interconnectedness of everything and every conscious being in a network of unconditional love that fills the quantum field. This is the One consciousness of the Creator of all, which we participate in and radiate through our energy signature throughout the cosmos.

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