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Our Virtual Reality Presence

We are living in a virtual reality in which we own and control our own character. As we mature and travel around this world, we learn the rules of the game and the strategies involved in becoming better players. We’re here to have fun and to learn about many aspects of this game that have important implications for our further development. We can learn to work with electromagnetic energies and their manifestations.

By being able to formulate scenarios that we create in our imagination with our emotions, we can control the forms and qualities of our experiences. We can create virtual experiences that we recognize, and that become actual experiences, when our beliefs will allow this. In virtual reality video games, new worlds have been created and in which your player participates in a certain spectrum of energetics. There are even paradise worlds.

In our empirical, virtual-reality world, we have complete freedom of choice in what we, as our character, can imagine and what vibratory level and polarity we want to experience, but we have been negatively polarized, as we participate in the hypnotic trance of humanity. In our game we can change our character and move ourselves into other dimensions. We are our only limitations to any kind of expression of life force. It is the constant vibratory stream of our thoughts and feelings that express themselves as our resonant energy signature with our own perspective.

Every perspective has limitations beyond which it will not align. Our focus of attention is filtered through our perspective, which consists of our beliefs about ourselves. If we intend to expand in conscious awareness, we can begin to understand beyond our beliefs. It becomes clear that we are a greater Being, whose consciousness is expressing our empirical presence as our character, our person. It is as if we just took off the headset and remembered who we are. This is the great realization of our presence here. After this, the game is really easy and can be great fun.

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