Our True Personal Power

Innately we all know our eternal Being of ourselves. As humans, we’ve compartmentalized our awareness to be unaware of our true Being. We live as if we are the ego-consciousness that we use in our compartmentalized experiences. We’ve created our persona in ways that would attract certain kinds of experiences that would provide more depth in our understanding of energy patterns and life.

We created our own deep-seated beliefs to keep our awareness within the compartmentalized human energy resonance. We can resolve all of our limiting beliefs by intentionally striving to be our Creator Selves and then being Ourselves, our pure Being in expanded awareness of unconditional love. In this dimension of vibrations, we can become fully conscious beyond the disappearing limits of our beliefs. We can move beyond ego-consciousness to universal consciousness in the Being of the Creator. This is the essence and source of who we are and what we are capable of.

Who we are is our conscious awareness without our bodies. We are pure awareness with unlimited abilities. We are clear and transparent in high-frequency resonance. As we begin to recognize our true Being, our conscious awareness expands, enabling us to realize the essence of our Creator. We can know from within, that every conscious being shares the essence of ourselves. The same life force enables and enlivens all that exists. It is our conscious life force constantly streaming through us in unconditional love.

We receive our life force within the limits that we impose upon ourselves. Any beliefs that are not life-enhancing must be resolved, because they keep our vibrations aligned with their energy. This is the source of doubt and fear. Once we recognize that we are eternal awareness, we can know that we are the creators of everything we experience. Doubt and fear pass away. We can be aware of feeling high-vibration emotions as much as possible.

We can interact in every encounter with compassionate wisdom, acceptance, forgiveness, gratitude and understanding. All challenges are messages requiring this approach. Once we can stay in the love vibration, we continuously create high-quality experiences, because we are designed to create what we recognize. The energy patterns that we envision and recognize become material for us. This is the miracle observation that launched quantum physics. Physicists found that when they used instruments to observe photons, the photons changed instantly, from being quanta of energy in our visible light spectrum, into material particles. This shows that recognition of energy patterns and alignment with them on our part causes material manifestation. This is how we are the creators.

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