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Our Transition to a New World

Part of the human experience is to learn as much as possible about the nature and experiences of living in a dualistic environment of intensely-real impressions. We have deep acquaintance with negative energetics, and we know how they diminish and ultimately destroy life. These experiences have added to the expansion of infinite consciousness, which is inherently life-enhancing. All of 0ur experiences, thoughts and feelings comprise our species consciousness. Humanity has an energy signature that vibrates within a spectrum of electromagnetic wave polarities and frequencies. The range of human energetics is determined by everyone’s personal energetic resonance. Those who are clear and vibrating in the range of compassion and love have the most powerful presence within humanity.

In 2012 we completed the culmination of a 25,920-year cycle of Earth and human consciousness, and for the first time, time crystals were recognized. We are entering a new dimension of crystalline timespace. Negativity cannot exist in this state of being, because this is a state of negentropy. In this dimension, there is no degradation, because all of our DNA molecules are in alignment in a crystalline structure.

The world we have known is dissolving, and we are creating the human energetics that allow all of us to realize the reality of living in a higher dimension. As we leave the realm of fear, doubt, enslavement and mortality from our realization, we can open ourselves to, and align with, the energy in the heart of our essence. It is in our heart-consciousness that we know everything we need to know, and we can realize the essence of our conscious awareness. This is our inner guidance and source of knowing. It is life-enhancing for us and for everyone.

As the energetic resonance of our planet changes from duality to a positive polarity and the frequencies of life-enhancement, and in order to continue to live here, humanity is coming into alignment with these energetics. Because our governments and monetary system have all been negatively designed to enslave us, they are becoming unstable, their adherents are becoming insane, and they are dissolving in the face of our species-realization that we can be truly supportive, sovereign beings.

Time and space in three dimensions are being replaced with crystalline timespace in four dimensions, and even five and six. Everything is changing, and we are being guided from within to express our radiance of gratitude and joy in every moment. This is how we can transform humanity along with ourselves. We can align all of our thoughts, speech, actions and interactions with the energy of our heart.

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