Our Symbolic Experiences

Our lives in this dimension seem real, because we recognize ourselves as we believe ourselves to be. In terms of physics, we are a presence of consciousness manifesting itself symbolically in a hypnotic dream. This dream is filled with metaphors and analogies of experiences. It is a never-ending and always changing tarot deck of symbology projected by our consciousness and appearing as our life experiences. Everything means more than at first appearances.

Symbols and music vibrate at frequencies that stimulate our emotions in ways that we understand. They stimulate us to create scenarios that affect our energy signature and, hence, the quality of our experiences. Their vibrations attract us to recognize their meaning and direction for us, if we are paying attention to them. If we look for the highest frequencies that we can imagine and feel, we will find our divine guidance through our connection with essential Being and our full consciousness. Here we understand everything symbolically and communicate telepathically.

Every experience we participate in is a metaphor. Each experience has an energy signature that vibrates within a specific spectrum of frequencies. To understand the metaphors in our lives, we can feel the quality of energy present. Whatever spectrum of vibrations we’re living in, the energy vibrations of the symbols resonate with this spectrum of energy. Our understanding must align with the energy of the experience. The metaphor makes this possible. It is from our higher guidance, if that’s what we’re looking for.

There is one all-important message inherent in all of our higher guidance. It is to pay attention to high-frequency vibrations of emotions and imagination within. Be in our expanded presence of Being in deepest love and joy.

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