Our Stages of Awakening

On this planet humans have lived in survival mode for eons. We’ve been subjected to low-frequency energies that have kept us in fear. This is an unnatural state for us, and we could not experience it without our permission. We have willed ourselves into our current situation. We have opened ourselves to experience the effects of low-vibration energy. We have lived in sympathy with victimhood on a deep level. People are now voluntarily being injected with trans-human technologies designed to result in planet-wide permanent servitude with no choice of escape. Until now, this has been a choice. It is not a necessity. We can change our experience whenever we choose, once we realize it and begin to look for a way to transform our ourselves.

Once we realize that we do not need to subject ourselves to pain and suffering, we can find an increasing amount of guidance available for us. We will discover that we have created the quality of our own experience, which we have intentionally shared with humanity. It is through our predominant focus of attention and what we feel, that we create an energy signature that vibrates with the electromagnetic polarity and frequencies of our thoughts and emotions, with an amplitude of our intensity. This is how we inhabit our own consciousness, attracting encounters and situations that vibrate in alignment with our energy signature.

By consistently maintaining a perspective in the love vibration, we can recognize that we can create any quality of experience we want by feeling and imagining encounters and scenarios of high vibrations, and by accepting the quality of every encounter with compassionate wisdom, gratitude, forgiveness and love. These are all natural expressions of the energy that carries our conscious life force at the heart of our Being. By penetrating the depths of our awareness, searching for the source of our inner light and self-consciousness, our awareness begins expanding greatly with our understanding. We enter a higher dimension of consciousness, from which we understand everything about our empirical Earth human experiences.

As we begin to enter a present state of pure awareness, our abilities become clearer, and we can feel the energy of our heart guiding us through our intuition. The circumstances of our physical experiences arrange themselves to align with our own rising vibrational signature. It may seem like empirical magic, but it’s just the interaction of energy patterns of the quantum field, enveloping us, attracting and repelling one another, and we are the directors of our own energetic expressions and attractions.

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