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Our Situational Awareness

What keeps us from recognizing our infallible inner guidance in every moment? The primary factor is the beliefs that we have been taught and have accepted without higher guidance. These keep us from being open to anything that is incompatible with them. There would be lack of resonance and resulting instability in the energy patterns that we live in. Every time we’re involved in a traumatic situation, we experience instability and stress. Many situations involve constant stress and struggle for physical survival. These are all situations that are incompatible with the flow of our natural conscious life force, but we experience them with fear, because we are unaware of our intuitive guidance.

When we believe that we are separate from the Source of our life, we become untrustworthy and vulnerable. This perspective attracts experiences that elicit further compromise of our freedom of Being. We become enslaved to the operations of our ego consciousness, beyond which we do not allow ourselves to become aware. As long as we believe ourselves to be mortal, we cannot be aware of our eternal Being.

We believe that we are not divine Beings, and so we are not. We become sinners in our self-realization, and we look to a separate God to redeem us, to offer us atonement (at-one-ment). In our reality, we are constantly created as One with the prime Creator, fractals of divine Being. The entire universe is fractalized essence of the Creator in the form of Planck particles/waves.

Our guidance comes from our intuitive knowing. It is part of our natural life force, which flows through our heart and energizes us. We can align ourselves with this spectrum of vibrations by observing and feeling the rising energetic vibratory patterns of the Earth. These are subtle, and our emotional awareness, which is part of our intuition, feels them. Our intuition uses these feelings to communicate with us and will fill us with elevating feelings when we’re using our abilities to create loving and joyful high-vibration energy patterns that resonate with our natural conscious life force. From our natural high-vibration perspective, we radiate this energy into the quantum field and into the energy spectrum of humanity in our state of being and in our actions. This creates a process of resolution of the energies around us and transforms our experiences.

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