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Our Semi-Real World

Our human life experience provides us with the opportunity to transgress universal laws and to engage in energies that are not possible for us in our true Being. We’ve been able to exercise tremendous power over others, suffer poverty, enslavement and torture and feel unscrupulousness, fear, hatred, jealousy, envy and lust that are all low-vibration emotions beyond our imagination as eternal, infinitely powerful creator Beings in our true essence. We came here to experience these things in order to know deeper compassion and greater love in our expanding consciousness.

In order to experience low-vibration lives, we had to compartmentalize our consciousness by creating powerful limiting beliefs about ourselves and our abilities. We erased our memory of who we are as we incarnated into an artificial matrix of semi-reality. It is semi-reality, because we recognize it as real, but it does not exist apart from the recognition and realization that we give it. Its entire presence consists of patterns of energy in the unified quantum field, vacuum fluctuation, that we modulate into the patterns that we recognize. Our entire empirical world exists because of the telepathic unity of human comprehension and visualization. It is real for us because we believe it is so. We recognize what we believe, and we do not recognize anything else. Prior to our incarnation, we agreed to limit ourselves in this way.

Quantum physics has assisted us in knowing that universal consciousness, the consciousness of the Creator of all that exists, is the source of everything. Nothing exists without consciousness as its essence, right down to the minutest of sub-atomic particles/waves.

As Self-realized Beings, we are constantly created in every moment within the universal consciousness of the Creator, which we participate in. Any of us can change the entire paradigm that we are living in at any moment with our focused intention, emotional power and imagination, provided that we’ve freed ourselves from all of our limiting beliefs.

No one can put us into any situation without our conscious or sub-conscious cooperation. We designed our beliefs to be almost unescapable from. We cannot even permit ourselves to question them, because we cannot allow ourselves to know who we are, in order to participate fully in the limited spectrum of vibrations of the human experience here.

When we decide that we intend to return to our full consciousness, we can use our creative abilities to do so. We must be serious about resolving all of our limiting beliefs about ourselves. We must keep examining ourselves for discordant energy within. And we must be motivated by the energy of our heart for the expansion of our awareness into the higher vibrations of unconditional love and joy. Here we can feel our participation in the life-stream of everything, and we can align with the increasing frequency of the resonant vibrations of the Earth.

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