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Our Return to Light

We were created in Light, and to Light we are returning. Incarnating into this limited human dimension has removed our memory of who we are, but we can regain the truth of our Being. Out true Being has not changed its vibratory spectrum during our lower-dimensional experience. Our reality is just awaiting our recognition. We are here to create from the energy of our heart. We know what that is because it’s what we feel best about, the feelings that inspire us and stimulate our sense of gratitude.

If we can’t feel these high-frequency emotions, we have dropped deeply into low-frequency vibrations, and need assurance and compassion from our heart energy. Here we can help one another energetically, when asked.

Our interactions naturally are from complete sense of presence of Being. Our intuition is clear and direct. We can feel the direction of our thoughts. With these feelings, we can transform low-vibratory patterns and guide our conscious mind to make high-vibratory decisions about focus and action. Every feeling and thought is important for informing us of the quality of energy we are facing and for creating the quality of energy we enjoy the most. We both become informed and become creative by receiving the energy we encounter. We receive information, and then we can react creatively with the quality of energy that we want to experience. We react with compassion and wisdom, regardless of the level of vibrations that we encounter. We move emotionally completely out of fear and into the spectrum of vibrations of love and joy. This is where life becomes miraculous, and our consciousness expands into greater knowing of everything.

By being in compassionate wisdom, we can transform any energy we encounter in our own experience. Everything that appears to be outside of our body is also within our consciousness, or we could not be aware of it. It is all a reflection of the quality of vibrations of our personal energy signature. The unified quantum field expresses experiences for us in every moment, regardless of what the former moment expressed. This is how miracles happen, when we react to low-vibrational encounters with high vibrations. It does not matter what appears before us. It’s all energy patterns that we can modulate.

We can become aware of our true eternal Being and our infinite abilities. We are the ones who provide experiences of all kinds for our Creator, whose Being we are fractals of. We are Beings of unconditional love and limitless powers. In our nature we are masters of the modulation of energies. We’re learning to be trustworthy by awareness of our intentions and feelings as we reside in high-vibrations as much as possible.

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