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Realizing Our Potential

In our essence, we are beings of love and etheric light. In our love, we are connected to all conscious beings in awareness of each other’s awareness. In our etheric light, we are luminous beyond the vibrations detected by humanity. Our life force conveys our consciousness and our luminosity, which we constantly receive through our heart. Beyond our self-imposed, limiting beliefs about ourselves, we are capable of infinite awareness, flowing through our heart. Operating under our limitations, our ego-consciousness cannot have expanded heart-awareness.

One way to become sensitive to the expanded consciousness through the heart of our Being is to use our imagination. As we go deeper into meditation, we can be acutely present and aware of much more than when we’re in ego-consciousness. We can align our imagination with the feeling radiating from our heart. When we vibrate at the frequencies of true love and joy, we no longer have fear and limitation. In the essence of our Being, we can be aware of our eternal presence, and we become complete in ourselves.

We attract beings that resonate with our own thoughts and emotions, as well as our beliefs about reality. Aside from our intuitive knowing, we cannot know what is real and true. The empirical world is a mirage within our consciousness. Intuitively, we can read the energy in our presence and realize the opportunity to radiate love and compassion in our interactions, regardless of the quality of energy facing us. We can choose love for all concerned, including us, and we can align with our intuitive realizations.

Because of our training and programming, when our equanimity is challenged, we have acted in anger, frustration, fear, shame, fault-finding, lying and other negative, ego-level ways. None of that is required, and they all attract negative energy into our experience. With limiting beliefs, we cannot open ourselves to unlimited awareness. We can live in a higher dimension of joy and wonder, where there is fulfillment in every way. This transformation can take place within our current life. It requires a strong intention and a willingness to release all limitations.

Enlightenment is a solo journey, because we have to resolve so many energetic knots in our psyche and come to a state of Self-realization. This results in an inner knowing that we can depend upon implicitly always. Our imagination can help us to recognize a different reality from what we have known. It is a reality that we create and realize at first in the ether with our thoughts and feelings. That is how we have created the world of human experience, and how we hold it in our consciousness. Infinite awareness awaits our realization.

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