Our Present Self and Our Potential

Our ego cannot know truth. It can only believe what appears to be truth in the low-vibrational world of humanity. There is no truth in the lower vibrations, only pretense and trickery. This is becoming more obvious day by day. Since fewer and fewer people believe what presents itself as truth, the pretenders are becoming bolder and more desperate to survive, as they become unstable under the influence of the rising resonant frequency of the Earth, as shown in the Shumann Resonance Graph. The vibrations of Gaia are now vibrating strongly on three higher octaves of vibrations beyond the traditional 7.83 cycles per second, and a fourth is faintly beginning. People oriented to low vibrations, based in fear and greed, are having more volatility in attempting to maintain their frequency patterns. Gaia is becoming less hospitable to low vibrations. As she rises several octaves in frequency, all life forms on our planet will be brought into alignment with her, or they will become unstable in their frequency, and their amplitude starts being suppressed. Their life force begins to fade, as they close themselves off from a perspective based in love, which is the frequency Gaia is at home in. In this frequency, there is only truth.

We know when our sense of fear is being stimulated by low vibrations. We’re not sure about true love. We may not ever have experienced it, because it vibrates in such high frequencies, that it is beyond our human limitations to imagine and feel. We must go beyond the ego and our limited human-conscious mind. We can begin this journey through advanced breathing techniques, deep meditation, advanced yoga, Sufi trance dancing and many other advanced spiritual practices. This is serious work.

We can analyze the nature of what we have comprehended of the cosmos through quantum energetics, and we come face to face with the mystery of universal consciousness and the unified quantum field of all potentialities, which envelops us. We all arise out of universal consciousness, which expresses itself in the Being of each of us as a fractal of Itself. When we align with the frequency of this energy, we realize who we really are and what we’re capable of.

We can clear ourselves of all of our beliefs about ourselves, and we can love our ego into allowing us to make a leap of faith into the higher-spectrum frequencies of life beyond time and space. This is the realm of magic and wonder. It is the vibration that Jesus referred to, when he showed us what is possible for a Being with a perspective of expanded consciousness and told us that we can do the same things he did, and even greater. It requires our alignment with the highest-frequency energies we can imagine and a willingness to live in this energy spectrum and express ourselves through the guidance of the energy of our heart. In this way we can create our lives in the new world of higher vibrations.

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