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Our Power of Free Will

On the path to expansion of our awareness, we can learn the real value of having free choice and how to use it to attain Self-Realization. Free choice is most important in feeling our emotions and knowing our thoughts. Thoughts and emotions have a vibratory level and polarity. In our world of duality, we are able to choose our thoughts and emotions and experience their vibrations. Our current state of being is a result of our use of free will. It is what we accept as well as what we create. It has to do with our energetic alignment, beginning with the polarity we live in. If we expect to have our consciousness diminished and terminated in death, we live in fear. This is the situation within the consciousness of humanity.

Since we have been thoroughly trained to stay within the limits of the consciousness compartment of humanity, choosing to be only positive always is a difficult leap in consciousness. The grip of fear on our psyche is deep and strong. Our ego-consciousness can comprehend only personal separation in being and limited conscious awareness. Higher guidance is beyond it, and positive polarity is a death sentence in the face of grave threats in the experience that the ego recognizes as real.

When we are aligned with negative polarity of any kind, we cannot believe in our infinite Self. That part of ourselves is not real for us. To recognize our true Being, we must open our awareness and be receptive. The opposite polarity from fear is love and joy. When we are able to be positive always, there is a natural fulfillment in every area of life. Without doubt or fear, we have only confidence in everything we imagine that our heart desires.

Our intuitive knowing is always present for our awareness, awaiting our intentional alignment. Once we recognize our inner knowing with confidence, we no longer need our limited ego-self for guidance and reaction in living. We can become transcendent in gratitude, love and compassion in our encounters. We become free to follow our heart’s desires.

Every step of the way to awareness of infinite Being requires a choice. To continue expanding, we must continue to choose to be positive, even when our ego shouts danger. In the realm beyond polarity, which we can participate in, only positive energy exists. Negative events cannot happen, because no one creates and aligns with them. Even while we live in the world of duality, we can choose to be only positive always and thus transcend negative events in our lives.

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