Our Potential Awareness

As fractals of the consciousness of the Creator, the potential of each of us is beyond superhero-status. Our conscious vitality constantly inspires us to adjust our vibrations higher. This is universal consciousness drawing us into alignment with Creator energy. As humans, we have blocked our awareness of this. Our ego-consciousness cannot know higher guidance. We have taken on this perspective in order to participate in negative, low-vibration, dark experiences and enslavement. From the perspective of our true Being, we could not imagine what dark energy feels like, so we decided to deepen our understanding. In order to make the human experience real for us, we had to compartmentalize our consciousness with limiting beliefs about ourselves.

We can become aware of our limitations, if we want to. Once we recognize them for what they are, we can resolve them by transforming their energy through forgiveness, love and recognition of their unnatural existence. Their energy is not of the Creator’s essence. They exist only by human thought-forms and fixations. We are not required to participate in this band of energy. As we realize the nature and purpose of human life, we can open our awareness to a greater sense of Being. We can learn to be sensitive to our intuitive knowing in every moment.

Intuition is the greatest asset that we have. It can align us with a higher dimension of living by drawing our awareness into greater love, joy and abundance in all aspects of life. It is aligned with the conscious life force that enlightens and enlivens us, and it pervades our Being.

By living in constant gratitude and expectation of visionary experiences, we can align with the most life-enhancing flow of life force through our choice of awareness. We can express our free will at all times through the focus of our attention and emotional alignment. By paying attention to high-vibratory visions and feelings, we can transform our lives into a higher, more refined dimension. We can practice this until it becomes our reality, which it does as soon as we realize it through our inner knowing.

In our conscious awareness we can go between the time-limited and the timeless realms at will. Our awareness of our timeless essence of Being allows us to resolve all limitations in our time-limited consciousness. We can open ourselves to the full realization of our true Being in the unlimited conscious awareness of the Creator.

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