Our Perspective Becomes Our Experience

Our inner knowing is the presence of the Creator within. We can know the larger expression of life manifesting as our experience. It begins with our perspective, because perspective determines what we perceive, and what we perceive is our experience. When we first come to know the Presence of the Creator, it feels like inner joy and compassion in a deep inner knowing that what is transpiring in our life is our unique part in the consciousness of humanity. This is a group consciousness that we all participate in as part of our life essence. We can trust our inner knowing to guide us in every decision.

Most humans have believed that life happens to us, and then we react to it according to our beliefs, fears and desires. It is generally recognized, however, that we can intentionally creates something. Suppose that we intentionally create a quality of life that manifests as loving and joyous relationships with all conscious beings, peace, abundance and fulfillment. We just need to be in that perspective as much as possible until it is our natural state of being. We must pay attention to the subtle prompts of our inner knowing. When we keep seeking and asking for guidance through our heart consciousness, our lives become wonderful.

We still are aware of all of humanity’s experiences, the pain, suffering and chaos, and we interact with this, if we so choose or are required. We empower recognition, compassion, forgiveness and gratefulness for our experiences. We continue in our inner knowing of our Creator’s Presence, and soon all of our experiences are loving and joyful, and we live in abundance and peace, regardless of what is happening in the world around us.

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