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Our Path to Awakening

Part of our participation in the human experience is our training and programming from infancy on to the present. We’ve been taught that we are limited in our abilities, that we live in a world of limited resources, and that we must compete with one another for success. We’ve also been taught that we are inherently aberrant and in need of control by government and absolution by the church. If we analyze each of these perspectives, we find that none of them can possibly be true.

From Quantum physics, we know that there is a universal consciousness that creates and bestows consciousness to everyone and everything that exists. The entire cosmos works harmoniously and in perfect order, guided by great Beings of light and love. All creative impulses are life-enhancing, engendering love, joy and freedom. Freedom requires free will, and it is the free will of some beings that has resulted in our anomaly. We decided to experience something that would be impossible for us in our naturally-created state of unlimited consciousness.

We created a limited compartment of our consciousness in order to experiment with negative polarity, low-frequency thoughts and emotions. We entered the realm of darkness and evil, in order to know what these conditions are like. Because of our training and the circumstances that we have been forced to live under, we appear to be imperfect and anomalous. This is due to our ignorance in the use of our free will. We knew that our experience would be difficult and life-diminishing, and we designed it so that at the appropriate time, we would be able to open our awareness to our true Being, and to have much deeper compassion and understanding than would have been possible without this experience.

That time is now. Humanity is awakening to our greater consciousness. We are on the verge of becoming galactic Beings of love and light. Our consciousness is universal. Our expanded awareness is the consciousness of the Creator, whom we can know through the conscious life force flowing through the heart of our Being, and focused in our intuition.

By intentionally breathing deeply and rhythmically and asking for the feeling and awareness of this energy, we become conscious of it. We begin to free ourselves from the outer situations that we have believed we are in, and we gain the ability to create our experiences from within.

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