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Our Natural Potential

Quantum physics proposes that everything is energy. The entire cosmos exists as a plasma field of potentialities, a creative essence of electromagnetic waves, available to us for modulation into forms and experiences. The realm that humanity lives in is a kind of lucid dream that we are all dreaming together and imagining a complex of frequencies that we all interpret as the empirical world. The basis of all of it is our consciousness. Although we participate in the collective dream, we can’t control the it, but we do control our attention, and we create our experiences in the dream by our predominant thoughts and emotions, which modulate our personal energy signature.

The dark energy that we experience in our collective dream is part of our consciousness, as are all of the beings who live within it. They are all part of us, because we all share the same consciousness. Once we recognize the dark ones, they can no longer operate in the dark, for they have been recognized for who they are. We may thank them for their service of fulfilling our desire of experiencing a feeling of separation from the Creator’s presence, so that we may know that experience and learn how to transform it through compassion and forgiveness. In this way we and others like us are changing our personal lives as well as the collective dream into an experience of conscious unity, beauty, peace, love and joy.

It is now our responsibility to expand the energy of our hearts and auras to become the embodiment of unconditional love and compassion in every moment of our experience. We can now live intuitively in every moment, guided by our higher Self through our heart. Once we have removed all conscious and subconscious blocks due to the programming of our society and our inherited and experiential fears, we can experience full realization of our true identity. We can expand our conscious presence beyond our physical bodies with an awareness of the higher frequencies of a more beautiful realm, which we dwell in with gratitude, love and joy. Here we find others who have the same vibration, and together we enhance each other’s energy. We’re creating a new quantum field of light to live in or perhaps dream in. This is where our creative imagination will serve us best as we call forth our feelings of love and joy to work and play and just be.

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