Our Life as a Metaphor

Is it possible that our physical life is not what we believe it is? To realize the answer, we need to pay attention in a perspective of curiosity and wonder to everything that is happening in our experience and all around us. We need to be aware of the energetic frequencies that we feel and the images that come to mind, because it is our recognition of energy patterns in the quantum field that creates our experiences.

Every thing we perceive and feel is symbolically significant. Everything has an energy signature that is either gaining frequency or losing it. The Earth is going through a transformation in resonant frequency, as Gaia’s consciousness expands into higher octaves of frequencies. In the higher dimension or spectrum of vibrations, there is no incursion of lower-frequency energy. Gaia must resolve all low-frequency energy patterns held in vibration by humanity. They will come into alignment with Gaia’s ascension, or they will destabilize and disappear into another dimension. Gaia is clearing her consciousness, as she begins to regenerate. The human energy signature must transform from fear to love, as the energy of Gaia will no longer tolerate fear-based, low-frequency thoughts and emotions.

Gaia is rising into a higher dimension and will no longer be available in the old dimension for humanity. All who wish to stay in the current world during this incredible transformation will need to be given a different, but equivalent home and be able to carry on as they wish. The transformation will not affect their quality of life. The Creator deems that everyone proceed at their own pace. This is a completely free-will planet. We must give our permission for any violation of our person, and we can intentionally withdraw that permission at any time by raising the vibrations of our focus, which can now be based in the frequencies of love.

Quantum physicists have discovered that consciousness is the source of everything. That includes every aspect of each of us. We are the expressions of consciousness. Our consciousness, empowered by the life force flowing into us personally from the universal consciousness, constantly creates our bodies. If we are not limited by beliefs about our boundaries of consciousness, we can intentionally change anything about our bodies. Our bodies are energetic expressions that operate electrically and have a magnetic emotional presence. We control the quality of experience of every part of our bodies with the energy frequency level of our emotions and thoughts. As we clear our limiting beliefs and become more loving and joyful, we begin to regenerate our bodies, just like Gaia.

The empirical world that stimulates all of our senses exists as energy patterns that our consciousness interprets as solid material. This is the metaphor. Our reality is our interpretation of energy patterns. Our story may be written beyond time and space, but we get to choose the quality of our lives in every moment eternally.

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