Our Internal Consciousness Interference

The most important processes we can engage in now are to free ourselves from all negative energy and blocks to our conscious awareness that may be lurking in our being. Our lifetimes of enslavement, poverty and many forms of terrifying abuse have left nearly indelible scars in the psyche of each of us. These energetic knots keep us stymied from knowing who we truly are and from making much progress along the way to enlightenment. They find expression in our energy signatures, attracting undesirable experiences and situations to us.

The first step toward resolution is recognizing when these defects in our character arise. Some of these can be very subtle, such as mild laziness. The really overt ones are easily recognized. Anything that elicits defensiveness or aggressiveness in us comes up for examination. Anything that elicits fear on any level is suspect. Every low-vibration feeling is based in fear, however subtle or overt.

If we intend to master ourselves, we must resolve all forms of fear within. We can learn how to do this from our own bodies. All of our organs work to enliven us, regardless of what we do to them. They love us unconditionally and use their life force for our well-being. They do not give up unless we fatally destroy them with our destructive attitudes and practices. Unless they’re in distress, they do not intrude on our awareness. They are divine beings, but are subject to our conscious and subconscious energy. We can emulate their energy by loving our bodies unconditionally.

How do we love our bodies unconditionally? We feed them our life force. Envision beauty and elegance in every inner movement. Let the vibrations resonate with beautiful music. Engage in physically challenging activities that keep all systems operating well. Our bodies let us know what they like. We can feel it. Our bodies are not eternal, as our self-conscious presence is. They are extensions of our consciousness as manifestations of the expressions of our personal energy signatures in this spectrum of frequencies. We create and terminate them many thousands of times per second. Energy cycles constantly and must be informed by our designs constantly.

As we practice loving our bodies unconditionally as well as we can, we learn how to do it and how it feels. When any anomalous feelings arise, we’ve encountered an inner block that does not want our attention. But our attention can be loving, forgiving and understanding. This transforms the block into clarity and allows greater expansion of consciousness.

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