Our Inner Transformation

We have accepted and aligned with the energy spectrum of humanity. It is a low-vibrational spectrum of experiences based in fear. Its basic assumption is the belief in our mortality. It is our identification as a physical embodiment with no way of knowing if there is life beyond the body. It ignores some obvious disproving facts that we know.

One is dreaming in full awareness of being in another realm. Day dreaming sometimes takes our conscious awareness into a parallel world, or one based on our past experiences. During these dreams, we are not aware of our body or physical environment. Our awareness is temporarily apart from the body. Deep meditation can result in traveling in full consciousness to wherever we are heart-felt to be attracted. By following the prompting of our intuition, we can use our imagination and our emotions to guide us toward higher-frequency visions and elevated emotions.

Unexpected ejections from the body, as happens from lethal accidents or attacks, and then returning to body consciousness leaves a memory of a greatly expanded sense of awareness. This completely disproves the assumption of termination of our awareness at the death of the body. It is an experience that anyone can have, and tens of thousands have. Many have recounted their experiences out of the body. Some of us have also developed the ability of astral and soul travel out of the body at will.

All of our experiences in the body are limited by our beliefs about ourselves. These false beliefs are disproved by our knowledge of immortality. Our eternal Being is not speculative. We have proved its truth. We only need to recognize it and realize what it means for us. And so begins the next part of our journey inward to knowing our true Self.

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