Our Inner Guidance

Each of us has our own unique energy signature in the quantum field of all potentialities. Our vibrations attract other people and situations that are in resonance with our own. We do not need to know or feel anything more than we are given by our higher guidance in every moment. We always have feelings that urge us into higher vibrations, if this is what we want and are paying attention to and are expecting. If we are free of our old restrictions, there are no limits as to how high we can go. Once we begin in earnest expanding our conscious awareness from within our alignment with our heart energy, we are supported by the quantum field, which naturally brings everything we need to pursue our deepest passions in freedom and sovereignty. Fear of any kind becomes a distant memory. There is only unconditional love in every moment and in every being that we encounter, if that is what we expect and give our attention to. In this state of being we are living in a realm of high-vibrational feelings and ideas.

The transition from ego consciousness to complete trust from within in every moment can be done with our feelings. The mind needs guidance. We can feel what to think. We can do this from an inspired state of being. We feel subtle urges that we know intuitively are the way we want to go in every area of life. In this way we free ourselves from the Matrix and begin living magically. Our expressions are expansive and inspiring. We are aligning ourselves with the divine Being that we really are.

The consequence of living this way raises our energy signature to a level that provides experiences that resonate with us. Everything in our former life must resonate or be left behind. This can be scary for the ego, whom we love compassionately as we bring her/him into alignment with our higher vibrations. Our confident belief in our inner guidance gives assurance for the ego to relax into peace and joy, just like the rest of our Being.

All of this is a stretch for awakening beings. We don’t need to realize everything immediately. We just need to learn to be extremely sensitive to our subtle feelings in every moment without mental interference.

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