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Our Innate Way of Knowing

We have lived by the guidance of our ego, the compartmentalized consciousness that we have created for ourselves in order to participate in the human experience. We have separated ourselves from our innate knowing. Since we are capable of creating an ego consciousness, along with our free will to use our abilities to create whatever we want, we have settled into a survival mode with each other, always needing something from others. We never have enough of everything we want to experience. We are the only species on this planet that is in this condition of lack. Our situation has to do with the use of our consciousness.

The One Conscious Creator expresses Its Being through creatures like us. Just as a proton has the complete mass of the universe within its essence, according to quantum physicists, we also can know what is in universal consciousness, the complete consciousness of the Creator. A portion of this consciousness is the subconscious part of our being. It does not have free will and operates entirely in alignment with universal consciousness. Its abilities to manage our bodies are far beyond the capabilities of the ego.

Once we recognize the capability of our subconscious being, we have a clue as to the kind of capability our full consciousness must have. Realizing our capabilities requires our intentional recognition. We must align our thoughts and feelings with the vibratory frequencies of love, the essence of our Being, in order to be able to expand our awareness and abilities. Just as the birds, animals and fish have everything provided for them, including inner guidance for everything, so we were created to have everything provided for us, including inner guidance for everything. It is innate. We all have this inner guidance in our intuition. It is how we know anything, apart from what we can believe outside of ourselves. It is like the geese flying south for the winter. They all just know what to do in the moment.

We have this innate knowing. It needs our intentional recognition, which we can align with, when we imagine or experience high-vibrational, life-enhancing energy patterns. Out intuition is always present. We can become aware of it by loving our ego into submissiveness to higher guidance, which we can learn to pay attention to. Our intuition exists in the realm of unconditional love. Its vibrations are always life-enhancing. In every moment we receive inner knowing of how to interact with whatever energy we confront. There is always an inner light that naturally lives in the flow of unconditional love, joy, compassion, truth and beauty. We are moved by it always and can align completely with its energy.

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