Our Infinite Being

In our conscious awareness, most of us believe we are merely human beings. We deeply believe we are limited to our physical bodies. Some of us have escaped from our physical awareness into the astral realm in our conscious awareness. Our inner sensitivity can help to keep our vibrations high. This is the alignment in the vibrations of our energy signature with the heart-felt high-frequencies of our natural rhythm. We feel it deep within. It is our natural expression of our true Being in our feelings of joy and love and our freedom of eternal Being. As we are able to resonate in this spectrum of energy, we free ourselves from the limitations of human consciousness, and a great freedom of awareness opens to us.

We become aware of the subtle flow of life. We can direct our awareness anywhere and know everything we want to know instantly. This awareness is not dependent upon the physical brain or heart. This is the awareness of our Being, of which our human consciousness is an expression intended to enlarge our experience.

We are part of the quantum realm of energy, universal life force and consciousness. We are just Being present awareness. We are our Self-awareness, which includes every ability we can imagine and feel. We arise out of the consciousness that expresses itself as the quantum field. Our consciousness is unlimited in the expressions of our imagination and emotions. We can stretch our conscious sensitivities to the super-minute levels of Plank Particles, sub-Plank, sub-sub-Plank ad infinitum. These are trillions of times smaller than a proton, and are fractals of the proton and the entire cosmos, as are all other entities. All participate in the universal consciousness of the Creator of all. This is the Consciousness that empowers and enlivens the unified quantum field of all potentialities and provides the conscious life force of all beings. This is the Source of our Being, our divine Self. In our essence, this is our deepest and greatest awareness. It is timeless unconditional love and joy. It is awareness of infinite Self-realizing Being.

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