Our Higher Guidance

When we are ready to understand our empirical world from a higher perspective, we can expand our awareness beyond time and space and into our eternal presence of self-aware Being. If we seek to know the Source of our conscious vitality, we will find it, because it is always present in our intuition.

We can recognize the feeling of energetic polarity patterns. We can feel negative, life-diminishing frequency patterns as well as positive, life-enhancing encounters. We can enjoy the positive ones, which bring joy, and we can transform the negative ones, which solicit fear, by maintaining awareness of our eternal Being, which is positive and emitting high-frequency radiance.

There are many ways to mastery of life. At the basis of all of them is the realization of our Source-consciousness. We can open our awareness into the infinite conscious knowing of the Creator of all conscious beings. We arise out of and are the One consciousness. In our true Being, we have infinite awareness and infinite creative power.

Currently we’re practicing raising our vibrations to a higher dimension. We can do this at our own pace.

At some point, our inner journey can become the most important focus of our life. From here on, no written teachings or videos really help us. We enter the unknown realm of a higher dimension of energetics. Everything works differently. People are kind and caring. There is unanimity with everyone. We can understand that there is no good and bad. It’s all a consciously-confined play, and we’ve delved deeply into our roles.

We can know that we’re living beyond the physical world. We’re all the same Being of light and love. We can feel the inner light of everyone. As we develop great sensitivity to our intuition, we can be completely guided in every moment, always knowing the highest frequency vibratory patterns to engage and align with. We’ll find that circumstances will arrange themselves to provide experiences in alignment with our own energetic signature. We can realize that we are the energetic modulators and creators of all aspects of our lives.

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