Our Greatest Challenge

On the journey into Self-awareness, we may confront many issues of low vibration that require our attention, which we may give them in compassionate understanding. As long as we have any attraction for their attention, they will be in our experience. By choosing to live in the realm of love, we can leave all fear-based beliefs and attractions of low-vibration energies and experiences. The greatest attachment to fear is the belief in our mortality. Watching Thanatos TV on YouTube should help to transform that belief. Many people have died, came back and have reported about their experience. When they died, their conscious presence of awareness just expanded. They became aware of themselves beyond the physical body, and some were able to enter universal consciousness.

Experience is the best teacher, but for those of us who have not died and come back in this lifetime, or have not had other out-of-body experiences, the issue of our mortality is a difficult emotional knot to resolve. We have to move beyond hope, but how can we become aware of our own eternal Being? This is the ultimate issue for us. We can begin by intending to know our true Self. We can imagine what unconditional love feels like in relation to the persons and pets that we’re close to and whom we truly love. This is the vibratory level we can stay in, while continuing to expand our awareness.

Our emotions are not bound to time and space. We can feel energies that are invisible and imperceptible to us. These feelings are in the subconscious of all of us. To become aware of them consciously, we can open ourselves to our intuition. This is where we know everything that we know, apart from any influence outside of our own inner awareness. Once we intentionally connect with our innermost intuition, we can become aware of our guidance for living in every moment. This guidance transcends personal beliefs and perspectives not in alignment with universal consciousness. When we are perfectly attuned to our intuition, we can always know the truth about everything, and we can feel the vibration.

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