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Our Greater Being

We live in a realm of duality in vibrations. There is a division at zero-point in vibration and emotion, between the realm of fear and the realm of love, between low-frequency vibrations and high-frequency vibrations. These vibrations correspond with the emotions that they stimulate in us. We have the free choice to focus on and feel any of them.

Our low-vibratory spectrum of life with humanity has given us a depth of experience that would not have been possible, if we lived only high-frequency lives. Our compassion and understanding are much deeper now. We are destined to use these qualities in our new creations, in choosing the vibrations we want to pay attention to and experience. There is no requirement for us to fix our vibrational focus to our current situation. We can move freely between the two realms of fear and love.

Our challenge has been to be able to change our perspective to high vibrations while being stuck in a low-vibrational environment. We can train ourselves to do this. One way is to imagine ourselves to be our divine Self in our current situation. We can open our awareness to greatness in every being. All have an inner light that emits photons to display a subtle aura of light in a higher vibratory range, that some of us can see, and that technology can detect. With the inner light comes conscious life force, which fills the essence of all beings. We can realize that we arise out of the same Being with everyone. No one is separate from each of us. We are all expressions of the One Creator Consciousness. Each of us is a personal presence of Being, constantly arising from the Creator.

We are quantum expressions of Being. We can be in more than one place at the same time, because in the quantum realm, there is no time. We are pure Being and can express ourselves in many timelines concurrently. Human life is one of them, and we exist in many others right now. Our consciousness is vast. To realize it, we must turn inward to our deepest knowing, where we can feel our eternal essence. Here is unconditional love and joy flowing through our heart. Once we experience this, we no longer need to believe in our mortality, and we are ready to release our attachment to the realm of low vibrations.

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