Our (former) Slave planet

For thousands of years Earth has been a slave planet. Ruled by unseen dark-hearted beings, who controlled humanity through their world-wide financial system, providing themselves with unlimited amounts of currency to do whatever they want humanity to do and experience. While promoting freedom, they bought total compliance in all areas of life, because they own the controlling interest in every large company in the world, and everyone with power over others anywhere in the world works for them, with few exceptions. This is why unscrupulous people have been able to thrive. This has been a great playground for the ego-driven, power-hungry ones and slavery on many levels for everyone else.

The dark path is unnatural for humans. We don’t feel good in our heart when we’re following the path of power over others. Our natural path is toward love and joy, compassion and kindness. In recent years the dark masters have been eliminated from the top down. This process is not yet complete, but it will be soon. Now the opportunities are open for humanity to truly be free. We will know abundant living in peace and prosperity. This was always possible, but the training and propaganda from the elite, beginning from infancy, have created limits within human consciousness, and their taxes have siphoned off our life force. Those who strayed outside the limitations were mocked and slandered. If they became too influential, they were eliminated.

Especially people like Jesus, who knew who we are in our deepest being. He was completely aligned with his deepest nature, which he told us is also our true nature. We all share in the consciousness of the One Creator. There is no other way we could be alive. In this way we are eternal, whether clad in a body or not. We just have to find this energy within and recognize it. It is the light in our heart. It is unconditional love. It is the greatest joy!

Now that the dark force is no longer humanity’s master, our natural stream of life is coming into our experience. We have much training as slaves and victims to overcome. Once, however, a person awakens to what has been happening on this planet, it’s natural to want to continue to expand awareness and explore the best options for a great life that feels as fulfilled as possible.

It all begins within our own being. We may imagine feeling love and joy in experiences that elicit those feelings in us. This is how to find the energy within that is where you want to be. This is alignment with the infinite One imbued with unconditional love and compassion.

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