Our Evolving Transparency

In times past, personal privacy was highly regarded. Today we can still have our own thoughts in private, but low-vibration thoughts and emotions are even broadcast to us by advanced technology programmed by the beings who control humanity. This is done not only by subliminal messaging in all major media, but also via powerful energy beams. It has become challenging to focus on uplifting energies, especially in cities with concentrated populations. We do, however, always have freedom of choice about what we are aware of and what we want to dwell upon and create in our experience.

Each of us has an energy signature that is constantly vibrating within the spectrum of our accustomed vibrations of thoughts and emotions. Our technocrats are building artificial energy signatures for each of us, based on our conversations and comments online, on our phones, all the websites we’ve gone to, all the things we buy online, all our sources of income and everything we own. They already know all of this and more, and it resides in banks of supercomputers. All of this data has a digital energy signature for each of us. By recognizing this energy signature, the AI system can devise treats that align with this energy signature. These can be used for temptation to go into lower-vibration situations and stay there. These are all based on some kind of fear. Fear sends our life force to enliven the creators of the fear. Without our recognition of their threat and its stimulation of our fear, they could not exist. They can also cause feelings of inhibition for higher-vibration experiences by instilling low-vibration beliefs into our consciousness. These are things like shame, hatred, aggression, superiority, inferiority and limitation.

As we begin to become aware of the magnitude of our consciousness, beyond time and space, privacy in any form is impossible, because we know everything, whatever we focus on or inquire about. We are transparent in every way. For anyone who is in fear, this kind of transparency is painful. It’s not synchronized with our intuitive knowing in the energy of the heart of our Being. Low vibration energy has its frequencies interrupted by the high-frequency energy constantly radiating from our heart, when aligned with the essence of our Being, as we arise out of the universal consciousness of the Creator. Low-frequency situations cannot exist in our experience, when our energy signature continuously vibrates at high frequencies. We do not need to recognize low-frequency situations as such. From an expanded perspective, they transform into experiences of compassion and love. This is how we can choose to recognize every encounter we experience. Our personal lives become filled with magic, beauty and abundance.

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